What Can You Do in Six Months?

If you have a medical condition such as tumor or something else, and your doctor want you to see him again in six months without any medications, what would you do next?

Some people might take Western or Easter herbs. Herbs are considered as supplements in USA, and should not be described as preventive, diagnostic, treating, and that they cure diseases definitely, otherwise it may violate the FDA’s and FTC’s regulations.

If you are under your doctor’s direct care one hour in six months, you are only 0.02% under his direct care, so if something goes wrong during this period how can you blame on him? He isn’t your health or life insurance company.

It is said that there are over 400 doctors committed suicide each year. In fact, doctors are patients’ employees in some ways; don’t you think that they needed to be protect by you? Certainly! And you have to learn the most appropriate self-healthcare to be able to protect yourself and your doctor until the next visit.

Second Opinion

If you were called back for more mammogram films and were scheduled for an ultrasound on top of it, would you go and get a second opinion first? Or, if there were some clustered micro-calcifications shown on your mammogram this time, what could your doctor recommend — to have more mammogram files done in a year or in six months?

Probably you would choose to have a biopsy in a hurry, to confirm that those micro-calcifications are not cancerous, instead of trying to reverse the micro-calcifications, if possible. Remember, you are the boss!

In case, if you are going to get a second opinion, would you visit an acupuncturist, or doctor of Oriental medicine?

Did Your Doctor Do the Best for You?

Healthcare is a teamwork and you have paid for the premium. It sounds like you are the boss and all your healthcare professionals are your part-time and temporary employees. If you were in doubt of your physical condition most likely you might accept the “when in doubt, cut it out” therapy as a result, even though you are the final decision-maker.

For example, if your doctor said, “I don’t know exactly what is wrong with you, but the procedure will make us all rest easier if the results are negative.” The pressure is on you and the less knowledge you have in self-healthcare the more fear you might have and the more mistakes you could make.

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